Founded in 2017, RB_C is a venture capital firm, located in Stuttgart, Germany, the heart of the European Automotive and Manufacturing industry.

RB_C invests in early stage ventures by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs, and international fortune 500 companies. Defined by respect for the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial company building process: „we know what it’s like to be in the founder’s shoes. 

RB_C is focusing on internet and technology companies that can quickly achieve global scale.

We were born with European values coursing through our veins, but believe in the oportunity of an open and globally connected world.

We are not thinking „out of the Box“. We think „without any box“.

We believe in tech brilliance.

We believe in people as well as ideas, based on passion and smart minds.

We believe in the long term, and the power of resilent and long lasting partnerships.

We have powerful connections yet we speak quietly.

We have total conviction that we can build the future together!

Our believes

Ulrich Dietz is the founder of RB Capital GmbH

Ulrich Dietz is the founder of RB Capital GmbH.

He studied Mechanical Engineering and Product Engineering, graduating in 1984 with the title “Diplom-Ingenieur”. The passionate entrepreneur Ulrich Dietz is co founder of GFT Technologies SE and has headed the firm since 1987. After handing over the CEO position to Marika Lulay in 2017, he is now leading the company into the future as the Chairman of the Board. He is also the initiator of the global innovation platform CODE_n and was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by EY.

In addition to his role as Chairman of the Board, Ulrich Dietz serves on various national committees and advisory boards of technology companies. In 2013, he was appointed Vice- President of the Digital Association of Germany (Bitkom). In this role, he actively promotes the development and expansion of international relations in Germany’s ICT industry. Ulrich Dietz regularly gives lectures and guest talks at German universities. In 2010 Ulrich Dietz published the book „The new New“. A journey about the adventure of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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